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Faucet Grip

Faucet Grip Handle Attachment, For Water On & Off -Extra leverage- 2 PACK

Faucet Grip Handle Attachment, For Water On & Off -Extra leverage- 2 PACK

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Faucet Grip makes round or oval open lattice type hose bib handles easy to turn on & off. Attaches to most handles with the included stainless steel hardware. Perfect for impaired hands, small hands, even wet hands. Saves water by preventing dripping faucets. Makes a great gift because it is unique, useful and inexpensive. Installs in minutes with just a Phillips screwdriver. Faucet Grips fit 95% of existing lattice-work handles but review your handles before ordering. Please Note! Faucet Grip- Will not attach to "T" type handles. May need small washers added if the holes in your lattice-work handle are too big for the included nuts. Washers can be made with a small piece of aluminum foil folded over and a hole punched for the screw. Will not work on solid round or oval handles without drilling holes for the screws. There should be 2.5 inches of clearance from the center of your handle to any wall or other obstruction. For more clearance, Faucet Grip can be trimmed shorter with a saw or sander.

  • Makes hard to turn hose bibs easy to turn.
  • Fits most round & oval lattice type handles but be sure to read the product description.
  • Strong, high impact ABS for years of use
  • Stainless steel hardware included

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