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Set of 2 SPRAY BOTTLE DIY Sodium Hypochlorite Generator Disinfection Water Maker

Set of 2 SPRAY BOTTLE DIY Sodium Hypochlorite Generator Disinfection Water Maker

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  • ✔️PORTABLE HOUSEHOLD CLEANER, Our Sodium Hypochlorite spray generator prevents infection. Use Tap Water and Salt, plug it to the power and in 10 minutes generate a Powerful environmental friendly cleaning sanitizer Spray to use it at Kitchen, Bathrooms, Office, Toys, Car, School, Gym, Everywhere!
  • ✔️SODIUM HYPOCHLORITE SPRAY GENERATOR DEVICE, Just add Salt 3g and Water and you have a Powerful HouseHold Detergent through Electrolysis Sodium Hypochlorite is the same active ingredient as Bleach and will help you to keep your areas Sanitized and infection Free
  • ✔️SAVE MONEY, No more needs of shortage detergent at the Grocery stores, create your own. 
  • ✔️CLEAN WITH A SPRAY, Home Made Natural Oxidant Water which is suitable for Home Kitchen, Utensils, Toys, Pet supplies, Clothing Accessories, shoes, Car, Office, etc, protect the Health of the whole Family
  • ✔️PROMOTE A CLEAN ENVIRONMENT IN ALL ASPECTS OF YOUR LIFE, Spray Hypochlorite Generator Device, gives you a safe and healthy environment, Room Air Clean and Deodorizes, Bath, Pet areas, Shoes, Towels and cloth. Fruit and vegetable cleaner and anything you can imagine!

Helps clean and disinfect countertops, doorknobs, handles, microwaves and so much more Kills up to 99.9% of viruses, germs and bacteria Features electrolyzed water generator that turns regular tap water into disinfectant just by adding table salt Includes a bionic generator disc that supercharges water and salt, turning it into a safe and effective sodium hypochlorite

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